Why Choose Us

Excellent equipment and conference support

Our conference center is fully prepared to meet your event needs by providing quality technical equipment, furnishings, and IT support. Our sales & planning staff and conference coordinators will also work with you from the planning stages to ensure a successful event.

Conference subsidy programs

Subsidy programs are available for both international and domestic conferences. Please inquire with the sales & planning staff and conference coordinator for more information about requirements and how to apply.

Close partnership with Grand Nikko Awaji

A connecting passage links the conference center to the Grand Nikko Awaji hotel. Whether you are organizing a multiple-day international conference, academic conference, personnel training, incentive trip, or any other type of event, both facilities will work together to cater to your gathering’s needs.

Party plans

We offer a variety of reception plans that simply cannot be found in urban conference venues. You can feel relaxed in the conference center’s reception halls, and Grand Nikko Awaji has banquet rooms both large and small. The reception menus feature delicious dishes made with fresh ingredients harvested in Awaji Island.

Convenient transportation access

The conference center is a 60-min. bus ride from the Shin-Kobe bullet train and Sannomiya JR train stations in the city of Kobe. The buses run from early morning to late at night.
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Surrounded by nature

A quiet environment surrounded by the azure sea, verdant mountains, and seasonal blooms, this convention center complex is a resort and conference center like no other.
You can enjoy Awaji Island’s scenic views right after the conference ends or breaks for the night. Traces of Japanese creation mythology can also still be found in Awaji’s rich historical and cultural heritage. The island has many sightseeing spots that are perfect for a day outing during a conference.

Unique architecture

The buildings in the complex all possess a unique design envisioned by the world-famous architect Tadao Ando. The courtyard’s roof as well as the walkways to the tea ceremony houses were constructed with Awaji kawara (traditional roofing tiles), creating a splendid balance between modern architecture and the natural environs.