Internet connection services

Every conference, banquet, and guest room in both the conference center and Grand Nikko Awaji can easily be connected to the internet (via Wi-Fi or broadband).

International Conference Center: Internet access in public spaces

You can connect to our Wi-Fi for free while in public areas of the conference center, such as the lobbies and foyers.

International Conference Center: Internet access in the conference rooms/halls

All conference rooms have Wi-Fi. We also offer broadband connections, including fiber-optic internet for online conferences.

Fees・Main Hall: 4,400 yen/day + NURO fiber-optic broadband
(22,000 yen/day, then 11,000 yen/day for additional days)
・Event Hall: 3,300 yen/day + NURO fiber-optic broadband
(22,000 yen/day, then 11,000 yen/day for additional days)
・Reception Hall B: 4,400 yen/day
・Amphitheater/301/311/405: 2,200 yen/day
・All other conference rooms/waiting rooms: 1,100 yen/day

International Conference Center: Internet access at the Business Center

We have desktop computers connected to the internet, as well as a desk area for you to connect your own laptop to the internet (broadband & Wi-Fi).
 ・PCs with Windows 11 (1 Japanese version, 1 English version)
 ・Free to use (printing fees apply)

Grand Nikko Awaji

Wi-Fi near the hotel front desk and in each guest room is free.

Conference subsidy programs

Subsidy programs are available for both international and domestic conferences. Please inquire with the sales & planning staff and conference coordinator for more information about requirements and how to apply.

Signage and decorative services

Whether it be signage creation, exhibitions, or stage decoration, the conference coordinator will serve as your main point of contact from the design and planning stages up to construction. The purchase order will be made through a company designated by the conference center.
In principle, the signage company we designate will handle the construction, installment, and removal.
The following fee chart applies to one sign order.

Hanging signboard (Standard size)
NoDimensions (mm)Price (yen)Logo/Color Fee (yen)Applicable Conference Hall/Room (Standard)Material
1H900×W7,20050,6005,600Main Hall,
Event Hall
Wooden frame
3H600×W3,60029,7004,400Reception Hall B
4H450×W3,00025,3004,400Room 301 (Horizontal)Polystyrene foam
Hanging signboard and vertical hanging banners
Standing signboard (Wooden frame)
NoDimensions (mm)Price (yen)Logo/Color Fee (yen)
Standing signboardStanding signboard
Directional signboard (Includes stand)
NoDimensions (mm)Price (yen)Logo/Color Fee (yen)Notes
1H600×W6007,7002,200Stand height is approx. 1,800 mm
Room-front sign (Inserted into sign stand)
NoDimensions (mm)Price (yen)Notes
1H1,000×W300 3,850Matte synthetic paper
2A3 size (vertical)550Standard printer paper
Room-front sign
Vertical hanging banner (Polystyrene foam or matte synthetic paper)
NoDimensions (mm)Price (yen)Applicable Conference Hall/Room
1H5,400×W90043,450Main Hall
2H4,500×W90037,400Main Hall
3H3,600×W90034,650Main Hall, Event Hall
4H3,600×W75034,100Main Hall
5H3,600×W60029,700Event Hall
6H2,700×W75029,700Amphitheater, Reception Hall B
7H2,500×W45019,800Amphitheater, Reception Hall B
Tablefront seat sign
NoDimensions (mm)Price (yen)Notes
1H600×W3001,650Matte synthetic paper
Table place card
NoDimensions (mm)Price (yen)TypeNotes
1H100×W300440L-shapedUses the conference center table place card holder
2H80×W250550V-shapedUses the conference center table place card holder
3H80×W200440V-shapedUses the conference center table place card holder
Sign with company name (Usually used in exhibitions)
NoDimensions (mm)Price (yen)Notes
1H200×W9003,850Polystyrene foam

Please consult with us regarding signage types and sizes not listed above.
 ・Ceremony program sign
 ・Program section flipchart
 ・Other types of signage

Ornamental flowers

We will customize the flower arrangements to suit your budget and occasion.
The conference coordinator will serve as your main point of contact, and will make the purchase order through a company designated by the conference center.

TypeFlower centerpiece
in vase (L)
Flower centerpiece
in vase (M)
Flower centerpiece
in vase (S)
FeeStarting from 16,500 yenStarting from 11,000 yenStarting from 5,500 yen
Flower centerpiece in vase 33,000 yenFlower centerpiece in vase 55,000 yen
flower arrangement
Conference table
flower arrangement
Banquet table
flower arrangement
FeeStarting from 3,300 yenStarting from 5,500 yenStarting from 3,300 yen
Table flower arrangement 5,500 yenLectern flower arrangement 11,000 yen

Please consult with us regarding other types of flower arrangements.
 ・Artificial indoor plants
 ・Rental bonsai plants
 ・Standing flower arrangements
 ・Flower bouquets

Tea ceremonies

Take a moment to relax in a traditional Japanese room between conference sessions.
Linger in the bamboo grove, then enjoy a tea ceremony in a tea house where tradition and modernity are blended into its architecture.

Popular among conference participants from overseas, the tea ceremonies also appeal to domestic participants, who don’t usually have the chance to enjoy the world of tea ceremony in their everyday lives. They are also ideal for accompanying persons programs.
In addition to the tea house booking rate, you will also need to cover the costs of compensation for the tea master, tea, and confections.
Please inquire with us for details.

Custom layouts, poster board setup, exhibition space setup

A layout change fee will be incurred for non-basic layouts in the following halls and conference rooms.

Layout change fee

VenueBasic layout
Layout changesFee
Main HallClassroom
Theater55,000 yen
Theater layout with writing tablet chairs
(up to 100 seats)
*Please refer to the separate

writing tablet chair setup fee
Event HallClassroom
Theater55,000 yen
Open space
Event Hall Lobby Exhibition
(If using the conference center’s
tables and chairs)
24,200 yen (*)
Reception Hall B Party
Coffee Break
Included in the
Catering Fee
(Reception Hall B only)
24,200 yen (*)
(If using the conference center’s
tables and chairs)
24,200 yen (*)
Reception Hall A,
301, 311, 405
(If using the conference center’s
tables and chairs)
24,200 yen (*)

*Writing tablet chair setup fees (Main Hall)

1 – 20 chairs4,400 yen
21 – 40 chairs8,800 yen
41 – 60 chairs13,200 yen
61 – 80 chairs17,600 yen
81 – 100 chairs22,000 yen


Poster board/exhibition space setup and removal fees

The following fees cover the setup and removal of the conference center’s poster boards (W 900 × H 2100 mm, poster area W 900 × H 1800 mm).

We require a separate charge for the rental of the poster boards.
 Poster board rental: 550 yen each/day
 Poster board lights: 220 yen each/day
 Wire hook (up to 66): 220 yen each/day

Poster board setup & removal fees
Number of boardsFee
 11 – 20 boards29,700 yen
 21 – 30 boards36,300 yen
 31 – 40 boards41,800 yen
 41 – 60 boards48,400 yen
 61 – 80 boards60,500 yen
 81 – 100 boards72,600 yen
101 – 120 boards90,200 yen
121 – 140 boards108,900 yen
141 – 160 boards126,500 yen
161 – 180 boards145,200 yen
181 – 200 boards162,800 yen

Regarding exhibitions in the conference center’s public areas
(Connecting passage, lobby, foyer, etc.)

1. For commercial purposes
(1) Connecting passage (between conference center and hotel)
We will charge an equipment rental fee (by the day) for tables, chairs, and poster boards that are being used. Please note that we will charge a fee for any poster boards that are brought in at 275 yen per board per day.
(2) Other spaces
We will charge 330 yen/㎡ per day for the area being occupied.
We will also charge an equipment rental fee for equipment used.

2. For non-commercial purposes
We will not charge a space rental fee if the space is being used for non-commercial purposes, such as an exhibition or poster session as part of an academic conference.
We will still charge an equipment rental fee for any tables, chairs, etc. that are being used.

3. Other important notes
In order to book a public space in the conference center, a booking of at least one conference room is also required.

Technical staff & other personnel fees

Technical staff fee

We will hire a technician at the following rates based on the technical equipment, conference content, and time required.

Fee per technician
(Time is calculated from setup to removal.)
AudioUp to 9 hours
25,300 yen
Up to 13 hours
27,500 yen
If it exceeds 13 hours:
4,950 yen per hour
Conference system
Video specialist31,900 yen35,200 yen4,950 yen

*The rates listed above are estimates. Please consult with us regarding the number of people and period of time that will be needed.

*If the technician needs to do work early in the morning (before 8 am) or late at night (after 10 pm), there will be additional after-hours personnel fees and staff overnight accommodation fees.

After-hours personnel fee (early morning/late night)

Should you wish to arrive at the conference center early in the morning (before 8 am) or leave late at night (after 9:15 pm), we will charge a separate after-hours personnel fee of 16,500 yen

Cloakroom staff

Although the conference center has cloakrooms, they are not normally staffed. We can provide cloakroom staff for a fee. Please inquire for pricing details.