Food & Beverage

                  Grand Nikko Awaji

Banquet rooms

Grand Nikko Awaji is located right next to the conference center, and it has 6 banquet rooms of varying sizes themed after the night sky. In the large banquet room, fiber optic lights in the ceiling create the effect of a starry sky, imbuing the party with a delightfully magical atmosphere. The small and medium-sized banquet rooms share a golden color scheme symbolizing the abundant blessings of the earth. Come enjoy delicious dishes made with fresh ingredients harvested in Awaji in these unique banquet rooms.

・Capacity: 40 – 340 people (seated), 50 – 550 people (standing)
・Pricing: Plans start from 12,000 yen (buffet, Western cuisine course, or traditional Japanese course)
* Plan prices are before tax and include 2 hours of all-you-can-drink beverages, the venue booking fee, audio and light system fees, and service fee.
* Courses require a minimum of 15 people, buffets require a minimum of 30 people.

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                  Catering Service

We also provide catering services through Grand Nikko Awaji, in which food from the hotel is brought directly to the conference center. In addition to the two reception halls, you have a trove of venue options to choose from, such as the Event Hall or Lobby area on the basement floor, the courtyard on the fourth floor, and even the tea ceremony houses in the annex. We make it easy to hold a party without worrying about the logistics of relocating to the next venue after conference sessions.
For example, at a cocktail party in the same venue as a poster session, you can exchange passionate discussions with your colleagues while holding a drink in one hand – a unique way to mix business with pleasure that you can only experience at a conference center like ours.

Pricing: Plans start from 7,500 yen (Plans include Western cuisine buffet, 2 hours of all-you-can-drink beverages, and service fee)
*Prices are before tax and do not include the venue booking, audio system, and light system fees.
Minimum: 30 people

Reception Hall B

Capacity: 190 people seated, 250 people standing (including use of the foyer area)


Reception Hall A

Capacity: 50 people seated, 70 people standing

Event Hall

Capacity: 160 people seated, 350 people standing

Basement Lobby

Capacity: 100 people seated, 150 people standing

Tea ceremony houses & walkways


                    Party Cruise

You can sail off the coast of Awaji Island and enjoy a fantastic boat party on the beautiful waters of the Seto Inland Sea. The Nippon Maru is a replica of a famous training sailboat of the same name in Japan, which was first constructed in 1930 in the city of Kobe. Its noble appearance is modeled after that of the current training sailboat, which carries on the original ship’s legacy. The resort-like spaciousness, refreshing sea breeze, scenery that changes with the ship’s course, and magnificent sight of the illuminated Akashi Kaikyo Bridge are certain to make your party an incredible experience.

Catering from Grand Nikko Awaji
・Capacity: 150 people
・Buffet: Please inquire for an estimate.
*The food plan does not cover the costs of booking the Nippon Maru, transportation fees, audio system fee, catering fees, beverages, tax, or service fees

                 Lunch Box Catering Service

Lunch box menus from designated catering companies

Japanese lunch box
1,210 yen

Left to right: Flavored Rice w/ Octopus, Colorful Medley, Sushi Set, Wild Rice

Left to right: Awaji Special (1,485 yen), Matsuba Special (1,870 yen)

* All lunch boxes include a box carton of tea.
* The contents of the lunch boxes may change due to various circumstances. We ask for your understanding.
* We require a minimum of 10 orders per lunch box type. (The minimum order for the Matsuba Special is 15, and the Wild Rice is 20.)
* We can customize orders to meet your budgetary and other needs.
* We also offer sandwich boxes.


Beverage catering service

ItemIndividually servedSelf-serve
Cup TypePriceCup TypePrice
Coffee (hot)Ceramic495 yen/cupPaper2,420 yen/10 cups
Coffee (iced)Glass495 yen/cupPaper2,420 yen/10 cups
Black tea (hot, tea bag)Ceramic495 yen/cupPaper2,420 yen/10 cups
Japanese green tea
(hot, tea bag)
Ceramic495 yen/cupPaper2,420 yen/10 cups
Oolong tea (iced)Glass495 yen/cupPaper2,420 yen/10 cups
Mineral water
(500 ml PET bottle)
Glass264 yen/bottlePaper154 yen/bottle

Cookies, baked goods, etc.

Whether they be cookies, baked goods, or signature Awaji confections, we will customize orders through Grand Nikko Awaji to meet your budgetary and other requests.

                  Restaurants & Cafés

Restaurants & cafés

For restaurants and cafes in Awaji Yumebutai, there are 3 in Grand Nikko Awaji and 2 in the Observation Terrace area. We can provide meal vouchers to use at those facilities for lunches and dinners during the conference. You can also book them for banquets and kickoff parties.

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