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I have been in charge of sales and marketing since our centerfs pre-inauguration days. I am absorbed in gHerabunah (a kind of carp)h fishing, and I spend most of my leisure time fishing in a pond. I call myself ga fishing nut of the Yumebutai.h I hope my suntanned face will be helpful to you to recognize me easily when I call on you.
I have meant to realize my goal to be a single handicapper, but unfortunately I cannot get around to going to golf practice. While there still seems a long way to go to be a single handicapper, I have achieved another goal, that is, I succeeded in cutting out a smoking habit a year ago. Now I stay on diet trying to lose 10 kilograms. Once I decide to do something, I stick to it with perseverance. I am looking forward to working with you for success of your event.
At the early stages of my marathon racing career,my goal was to complete a race .I achieved the goal in 2004, and the next year, I also accomplished aesub 3-hour(completing a marathon below three hours)f, a dream for amateur runners. In 2008,I surmounted a challenge of finishing in under two hours and forty minutes. I keep striving with strenuous training to eclipse my personal best time. Just as in a marathon race, I engage in my duties in a speedy and persevering manner.
I come to Awaji Island not only for work but also for my hobby of fishing quite frequently on my day offs. I, therefore, have been exploring a wide range of activities here in Awaji, and like to fill you in on wonderful experiences you cannot expect anywhere else but in Awaji along with the detailed information on our conference center.
Ifm looking forward to working with you.
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Awaji Yumebutai International Conference Center
1 Yumebutai, Awaji City, Hyogo 656-2306 Japan Phone: 81-799-74-1020 FAX: 81-799-74-1021
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