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Office supplies

AV equipment fee

Item Unit Price (yen)
3-phase alkali battery 1 50
4-phase alkali battery 1 50
Cassette tape (60 minutes) 1 220
MD disk (74 minutes) 1 324
DAT tape (120 minutes) 1 810
VHS tape (120 minutes) 1 430
Mini DV tape (60 minutes) 1 1,080
Mail address setting 1 address 540

Fee for other furnishings

Item Unit Price (yen)
Tablecloth 1 432
Flipchart paper 1 chart (30 sheets) 1,080

Copier usage fee (Room 201)

A copier is provided in Room 201. A special card that counts the number of sheets copied is required to use the copier.
Ask for the card before you use the copier

Item Paper size Fee per sheet Fee counting method Method of payment Functions
Monochrome copier B5/B4
\10 Card count The total will be calculated after the event and user will be billed later.        High-speed digital copy, OHP sheet copy, sort/staple function, punch function

*A coin-operated color copier is available at the business center on B1 floor.
*Copiers can also be provided at a certain place on each floor. Consult with us for arrangements.

Tel/fax/PHS usage fee

Item Summary Per unit per day usage fee (yen) Transmission fee Remarks
Free (additional or makeshift requires charge of \1,080 per unit per day)
Actual cost A direct dial number can be provided free of charge. Contact us in advance for arrangements.   
Special PHS
*Extension use only   
Must be used for registration temporarily set up in lobby, foyer, etc.
Free (1 unit)
- PHS can only be used in the building.
It cannot be used to make calls outside the building.
Use other than reception

Electrical construction/electricity usage fee

Item Unit Price (yen) Remarks
Electricity usage fee 1kw/h 50 If a special power supply is required, the charge is calculated as [required capacity] x [room rental time] x [\50]
Power supply box Units 8,100 Max. capacity per box is 10kW
Electrical construction A - 27,000 Power supply box wiring (does not include power supply box fee)
Electrical construction B - Separate estimate* Socket installation, etc.

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