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Operator fees

Fee for operators

Operators are available according to the type of equipment, work and time.

Operation items Required No. of operators Fee per operator (time is calculated from setup to removal)
Audio (additional) 1 Up to 9 hrs: \23,760 Up to 13 hrs: \25,920 Overtime per hour fee after 13 hours: \4,860
Lighting 1
Cameraman/projection 1
Simultaneous interpretation 1/language
Conference system 1


*Consult with us concerning the number of operators, time, etc., for actual operation.

*Overtime labor charge and cost of accommodations are required for work that must be performed before 8 am or after 10 pm.

Early morning/late night fees

If the actual event is to be held prior to 7 am or after 10 pm and service of conference center staff is required, an accommodation fee of \10,800 will be required.

Cloakroom staff

There is a cloakroom but staff for handling items of clothing are not provided at the international conference center. This however can be provided for the following fee.

Work description Per person fee
  Up to 4 hrs. Up to 6 hrs. Up to 8 hrs. Up to 10 hrs. Up to 12 hrs.
Staff for handling items of clothing \18,000 \20,000 \22,000 \25,000 \27,000

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