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Osaka Bay Cruise on the chartered Nipponmaru / Kanrinmaru

The chartered sailing ship departs from gKoryu no Tsubasakoh for a sightseeing / party cruise, and provides relaxing moments day and night with gentle sea breeze and magnificent view such as rich blue sky and sea, the spectacular Akashi Kaikyo Bridge glint in the sunshine, romantic night view of Kobe, and so on.


[ Recommended number of people ]

  • Sightseeing Cruise: Up to 350 people
  • Party Cruise: Up to 200 people
+ Nipponmaru Profile

The Nipponmaru is a replica of representative training sailboat of Japan built in Kobe in 1930. The ship is reminiscent of the current Nipponmaru which succeeded to the original boat.

+ Kanrinmaru Profile

The original Kanrinmaru was built in the Netherlands in 1856. Mr. Kaishu Katsu succeeded in the Japan's first-ever voyage to the U.S. across the Pacific by the steamboat. The current cruise ship in a replica of the original boat.


Joyport Minamiawaji

Awaji Puppet Theater

Awaji puppet theater is a traditional folk art with a 500-year history.
The art consists of puppets that can act and express various emotions like human, dignified sound of Shamisen, and emotional narration.

The puppet theater is designated as a significant intangible folk cultural asset of the country.

The International Conference Center can arrange a troupe to perform at the center upon request.

+ Performances at the Awaji Puppet Theater

The Awaji Puppet Theater is a 40-miniute drive from Awaji Yumebutai. There are 5 regularly scheduled performances each day.


The Awaji Puppet Theater


+ Performance at the International Conference Center

[ Performance by a professional troupe ]

  • Awaji Ningyo Troupe

[ Performance by junior or senior high school students ]

Tea Ceremony

Tea ceremony houses in the annex of the conference center weave a traditional design with a novel one, and create a peaceful and serene atmosphere. Joining in a tea ceremony is one of great ways to experience Japanese culture.

  • Urasenke Tankokai provides attendees, overseas or domestic, and accompanying persons with a precious opportunity to feel the spirit of the art and obtain peace of mind.
  • Demonstration in English by Uarsenke Tankokai is available. A ceremony fee involves the room rental, demonstration fee, and costs for tea and sweets.

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