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Senjiansei Yano
Founder of Ansei flame technology in Edo Period
Tokushichi Mishima
Inventor and discoverer of MK magnet in Meiji Period
Shohei Tanaka
Inventor of the worldfs first pure temperament organ
Tokubei Kuroda
First chairman of Malacological Society of Japan in Taisho Period
Hyoe Ouchi
Modern economist, statistician and current events critic
Homei Iwano
One of the five great naturalist authors

Arts and crafts

Japanese artist of the Muromachi Period (the majority of his works are currently national treasures)
Minpei Kashu
Craftsman, Minpeiyaki, Edo Period
Bunrakuken Uemura
Founder and promoter of Bunraku in Edo Period
Yuji Tsuruzawa
Shamisen player at Awaji puppet theaters and living national treasure born in the Showa Period


Zenpachi Miki
Revolutionized the newspaper business by making newspapers for the masses with the Hochi Shimbun. His name is inscribed on the Memorial to Newspaper Pioneers in Chidorigafuchi, Tokyo.


Shozo Kuwashima
Admiral during the Russo Japanese War
Shunji Yoshimasu
Head prosecutor for Tokyo Court of Appeals that handled important cases during the Meiji and Taisho Periods such as the Army Secret Embezzlement Incident and Siemens Incident.
Hidejiro Nagata
Mayor of Tokyo and first minister of Awaji
Kiichiro Higuchi
Army general in the Sino-Japanese War and Pacific War
Shigeo Shida
Led the Japan Communist Party in the 1950s
Kenzaburo Hara
Speaker of the House of Representatives and author the Nikkatsu Movie Wataridori Series


Kahei Takataya
Business tycoon in Edo Period who was a player on the world stage gNa no Hana no Okih by Ryotaro Shiba was based on him.
Toshio Iue
Founder of Sanyo Electric
Hiroshi Otoshi
Former president and board chairman of TDK
Minoru Onishi
Former president and board chairman of Fuji Photo Film
Enpei Nakahara
Founder of Toa Nenryo Kogyo
Daizaburo Yui
Former president of Nikka Whiskey
Hirotoshi Hatazaki
Former president and board chairman of World


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